Dark walls….being brave can really pay off ! – LOVE FROM FRIDAY’S BLOG

Dark walls can often seem like a big, scary choice. They are dramatic and unlike a white or pale wall they are no shrinking violet so they can seem like one step too far. But being brave and using a dark colour on the walls can really pay off. It can result in a bold and interesting room. And so many objects pop so beautifully when placed against a dark wall. It also adds a level of cosiness to the space. Here goes some inspiration for a dark wall in a child’s room.

dark walls 1

Image via: My paradissi

dark walls 3

A beautiful combination of shades of blue have been used in this room.

Image via: Pinterest

dark walls 4

Image via:  Kotivinkki

dark walls 5

This wallpaper manages to be dark, dramatic and feminine all at the same time.

Image via: Lonny 

dark walls

Dark walls combined with wood are one of my favourite combos.

Image via: Frenchyfancy 

dark walls 8

Image via: ilovebokkie

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