Eight architect-designed holiday homes from the Holiday Architecture book

A timber cabin in arctic Norway and an off-grid dwelling in rural Greece are among some of the architect-designed vacation homes listed in the new book Holiday Architecture, and all available to rent this year.

Released by Urlaubs Architektur, a website that lists holiday homes and hotels across Europe, Holiday Architecture explores more than 30 vacation properties.

Several of these are in remote locations that the book’s authors– Ulrich Stefan Knoll, Britta Krämer and Anke Steinweg – describe as “on the edges” of tourism.

Interiors reporter Natasha Levy picks out eight of the best:

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Casa Agostos by Pedro Domingos
Photo by Fernando Guerra

Casa Agostos, Portugal, Pedro Domingos

Huge rectangular openings punctuate the pale facade of this home in the south of Portugal’s Algarve region, providing views of a surrounding nature reserve filled with gnarled olive trees and flowering shrubs.

Found in a state of ruin, the property was overhauled and extended by architect Pedro Domingos to create a series of calming, white-painted living spaces and skylights that flood the interior with natural light.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Hermitage Sykaminea by Andreas Sell
Photo by Fotis Milionis

Hermitage Sykaminea, Greece, by Andreas Sell

Guests can go completely off-grid in this Grecian getaway, which has no running water and operates exclusively using solar power.

Nestled within an olive grove, the secluded property comprises a timber main house with a stone bathhouse at its rear. Interiors are sparsely finished with simple furnishings and appliances to mimic the aesthetic of humble shacks that local farmers once used as accommodation during harvests.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær by TYIN Tegnestue Architects and Rental Eggertsson Architects
Photo by Pasi Aalto

Fordypningsrommet Fleinvær, Norway, by TYIN Tegnestue Architects and Rental Eggertsson Architects

Situated on a small island in the Arctic archipelago of Fleinvær, this stilted timber cabin aims to let guests swap their busy schedules for “silence, inspiration, and absolute, honest encounters with nature”.

The architects have created nine other holiday homes in the same style – all feature cosy interiors that have been dressed with wooden furnishings and fluffy fur throws.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Villa Baronessina by Walter Agonese and Manfred Alois Mayr
Photo by Vicky Klieber

Villa Baronessina, Italy, by Walter Angonese and Manfred Alois Mayr

The peaks of the Dolomite mountains serve as a backdrop to this South Tyrol holiday home, which Italian architect Walter Angonese and artist Manfred Alois Mayr designed to be “in constant dialogue” with its surrounding landscape.

Traditional Japanese tea houses inspired the pitched form of the property’s roof, while inside sits a gold-painted guest bedroom.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Steinhaus am Auerbach by Arnhard und Eck Architekten
Photo by Florian Holzherr

Steinhaus am Auerbach, Germany, by Arnhard und Eck Architekten

Behind the timber-panelled facade of this getaway lies 80-centimetre thick masonry walls, lending it the name of Steinhaus, or Stone House.

Situated in the winter sports resort of Oberaudorf, the home features cosy interiors that have been painted comforting shades of teal blue or slate grey. Guests can also make use of its sauna, reading room, and large wood-burning stove.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Breac.House by MacGabhann Architects
Photo by Al Higgins

Breac House, Ireland, by MacGabhann Architects

Perched on a sloping hillside, Breac House directly faces onto Muckish Mountain in County Donegal – a region of Ireland recognised for its rugged coastline and smattering of ancient castles.

The property has a moody facade clad in blackened timber, while its interiors have been completed in a “simple, timeless aesthetic”, where rough stone floors meet warm-toned wooden furnishings.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Black H by Dualchas
Photo by Felix Mooneeram

Black H, Scotland, by Dualchas Architects

Designed to host only two guests, the Black H getaway comprises a pair of boxy black volumes set against the rolling moorlands of the Isle of Skye.

The Scottish island is subject to strong westerly winds, onslaughts of rain and sweeping mists, so the architects have tried to keep inhabitants’ focus on the tumultuous landscape by completing the home with floor-to-ceiling windows and restrained interiors.

Urlaub Architektur's Holiday Architecture book roundup: Light House by Søren Sarup
Photo by Tina Stephansen from Studio55

Light House, Denmark, by Søren Sarup

Set just a short distance away from the North Sea, this holiday home is composed of two parts – a low-lying rectilinear volume fronted by glass, and a two storey A-frame structure that allows for elevated views over the sandy dunes of Danish fishing village Agger.

The open-plan rooms inside have been completed with white surfaces, light timber floors, and unique Scandinavian furniture pieces.

To find out more about each of the homes and how to book a stay, visit the Holiday Architecture website.

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