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In our household April and May are all about children’s birthday parties. Here goes some party inspiration that I have found recently that I love.

dino hats

Dinosaur hats.
Image via: 100Layercakelet


Felt crowns for the guests.
Image via: hellobee


Rainbow fruit kebab sticks
Image via: Pinterest


Super cute and easy marshmallows topped with melted chocolate and pebbles.

Image via: cutefoodforkids

party ideas - balloons

Homemade animal balloons

Image via: DesignDazzle

superhero photos

Love these photo ideas for a superhero themed party. Lie a sheet down and get the kids to pose for the photo lying on the sheet. Easy and effective.

Image via: onemoremushroom

washi tape

Cupcake toppers can be created easily like this using toothpicks and washi tape. You can see our full range of washi tape here.

Image via: Flickr


I recreated this cake for my son’s 4th birthday party the other week. His cake had chocolate icing, washi tape flags rather then pom poms and his three favourite animals on the cake: zebra, elephant and giraffe. He loved it and I loved it because I didn’t spend all night in the kitchen making it!

Image via: mommo-design blog

pineapple cake

Not sure how long this pineapple cake would take me to make but I love it!!

Image via: cococakeland

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