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When I am trawling Pinterest (which is often!!) for ideas and inspiration there are a few things that are always guaranteed to catch my eye and one of those things is maps. I just love the use of a map on the wall of a child’s bedroom. I believe that it is an inspiring piece of art work that is timeless: interesting for younger children to look at and a great resource for older children to learn from.

Here go a few of my favourite images:

maps 3

For the black and white lovers amongst you all. A simple outline of the world map. Minimal detail on this one so not as educational but an effective way to display the world and the proximity of counties to one another.

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maps 5

I love the old fashioned look of maps that are mounted on the wall with wood top and bottom. Great way to learn the geography of a specific country like this map.
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maps 7

Love the subtle and muted colours of this map which works beautifully in this predominantly white room. Fantastic size which fills almost the whole wall.

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Such a great combination of this map with the old fashioned school desks in front.
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maps 6

Amazing colours in this map and I love how it fills the whole room by continuing on to another wall. Such a statement piece.
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maps 2

Everything about this room is very chic and subtle including the map on the wall behind the beds.
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maps 8

Beautiful colours here too. Adds colour, brightness and fun to this kids space.
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And of course I can’t talk about maps without taking the opportunity to rave about NZ illustrator Beck Wheeler and her fantastic illustrated world maps. These are so much fun for kids to explore with amazing pictures that open up a world (did you see what I did there 😉 )of colour and fun as children learn the geography of our world. A2 in size and laminated to prevent eager little hands from destroying  them.
We love these maps so much that we stock them:


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