The Verso, Rima and Pausa pieces by Peca are based on poetic devices

Mexican design studio Peca have created a collection of furniture with structures based on the patterns found in poetry.

The Rima cabinet, Verso table and Pausa paperweights all take design cues from the devices employed by poets and are constructed using natural materials.

Peca furniture collection

The Rima credenza cabinet has a repeating pattern of wooden slats that is intended to imitate the cadence of a poem. The piece is handmade from beech wood in collaboration with local artisans.

“This poetically handmade piece gives visual and tactile harmony to the spaces,” said Peca. “Wooden slats are repeated one after the other to form a texture that embraces the cover and the oval base.”

Peca furniture collection

The Verso table is also made of pale beech wood and features two interlocking legs that cross underneath a circular top. The symmetrical form of the leg structure heightens the round shape of the table top.

“The rhythm of its composition proposes a dialogue that captures the symmetry and seduces the soft texture in the veins of the wood,” explained the brand.

Peca furniture collection

Pausa is a collection of paperweights and dividers made of beech wood, brass and onyx. They form families of three identical pieces, each in the different materials.

“The best way to enter the universe of writing is through books and its reading in stimulating pauses. The collection of dividers and paperweights owe their names to these moments,” said the designers.

The heavy materials – stone, metal and wood – are intended to contrast in an interesting way with the lightness of the paper they hold down.

The Guadalajara-based studio was founded in 2007 by Caterina Moretti, who focus is on working with natural, raw materials and exploring texture and form.

The studio works towards bringing together tradition and innovation by working with local artisans and collaborating with different designers. It has become known for its expertise in traditional Mexican techniques and materials.

Peca furniture collection

In a previous collection, Peca carved bookshelves and cubbyholes from grey volcanic rock. The Lava Shelves are modular and stackable, offering flexibility to a space.

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