Wallpaper has made quite a come back in recent years. It is a fabulous way to add some pattern, colour and interest to a room. There are so many amazing options available. Sometimes the pattern or colour can be too much for a whole room so just one wall may be a better option or even just a strip of wallpaper behind the bed head or desk for example. Here go some of my favourites:

fab wallpaper 7

Pretty, whimsical floral wallpaper. Beautiful mint background to the flowers.
Wallpaper from Pip Studio. They have a fantastic selection.

fav wallpaper 1

Perfect for a boy or a girl. From a distance the white flecks looks like dashes but on closer inspection they are elephants. Love the charcoal grey with the white.
Image found via: stageandcoffee

fav wallpaper 4

I love these half circles. They always catch my eye. I love how they are not uniform but of varying heights and widths. Great wallpaper choice for either a boy or a girl.
Image from Project Nursery.

fav wallpaper 5

Beautiful blue used in this wallpaper and I love how the fish all fit together at different angles and directions.
Image from: Camille Styles

fav wall paper strip

This is a great example of how just one strip of wallpaper may be all that you need to add interest and pattern to a room without overwhelming it. Wallpaper from Studio Ditte.
Image via: Saartjeprum

wall paper teen

This wallpaper is the Birch Tree Wallpaper from Cole&Son. Its a great option for a tween or teen. It would also work well in a younger child’s room and grow with them.
Image via: Apartment Therapy

fav wallpaper 6
This is the gran wallpaper from Fine Little Day. Black and white simplicity.
Image found via: Petit and Small

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